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We’re in this together!

Being a locally operated Soccer Training Academy, we’re able to offer you an option that  you may have been looking for in our soccer community. Whether you want to play better, understand more, move to a higher playing level; Performance Soccer Academy can help you reach for your dream!  

At Performance Soccer Academy we care about the development of the player and the proper learning environment to acheive it. We care about building teamwork and respect for the game and each for other, and more than anything else we care about you and your needs in the game of soccer. 

Performance Soccer Academy has an experienced staff of volunteers, both in the office and on the field. As players, coaches or referees we know the game and we know how to help you reach out for whatever you want from the game of soccer.   

While we look for a permanent home for Performance Soccer Academy we are holding practice sessions at Brody Middle School Park 2501 Park Ave. Des Moines, IA 50321. Practice starts each Tuesday and Thursday (weather permitting)at 6 PM. Check our facebook page for updates and games scheduled! ​

We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Performance Soccer Academy ® , 1600 Leland Ave. Des Moines, IA 50315, 
Phone:  515-720-7894 or Email:
We have the best soccer deal in Central Iowa  

Low Costs, Yearly Packages, 
Payment programs avaiable.

El ser una Academia de Entrenamiento de futbol operada localmente, nosotros estamos dispuestos a darte la opcion que tu has estado buscando en nuestra comunidad de futbol. Ya sea que quieras jugar mejor, entender mejor, moverte a un nivel mas alto; La Academia de Rendimiento de Futbol te puede ayudar alcanzar tus sueños!

En La Academia de Rendimiento de Futbol; nos interesa el desarrallo de tus jugadores y el lugar apropiado para alcanzar tus metas. Nos interesa construir el trabajo de equipo y respeto por el juego y cada uno de nosotros, y la cosa que nada mas nos interesa es que tu juegues y tus necesidades en el juego de futbol sean cumplidas.

La Academia de Rendimiento de Futbol tiene un personal de voluntarios con experiencia de futbol, en ambos de oficina y en el campo. Como jugadores, entrenadores o arbitros sabemos el juego y sabemos como ayudarte a conseguir lo que quieras del juego de futbol

En lo que encontramos un lugar permanente para La Academis de Rendimiento de Futbol estamos teniendo sesiones de practicas en la Escuela Secundaria Brody en el 2501 Park Ave. Des Moines IA 50321. La practica empiesa todos los Martes y Jueves a las 6pm. Revisa nuestra pagina de facebook para estar al corriente y horario de juegos

Esperamos escuchar de ti pronto!
Estamos juntos en esto!

PSA Soccer News

Summer Project!

by Mark Carlson on 06/09/14

As if coaching High School our playing with a competative team all over the Midwest doesn't give us enough soccer...... We thought we should share this sport of the world with people around us that usually don't get a chance to play for whatever reason. Genesis FC and Performance Soccer are teaming up and bringing soccer to the community. Yes, open to anyone and held at Davis Park Mondays and Tuesdays all of June and July!  Check out our Area Events page for the details then come join us.


by Mark Carlson on 06/10/13

Players from almost every area of the Metro have asked for more games, better programs, higher levels of competition, lower costs; We have that for you! Coaching staff with amateur or professional playing experience? Licensed? High School endorsements? Yes to all that and more. 

Check out the Summer League if you are playing at the High School level or older, You might just like what you find.

Playing at the Next Level!

by Mark Carlson on 06/02/13

What does that mean, "Playing at the next level"?  The answer is different for each one of us, yet ultimately the same. If you are currently playing at U10 it may mean moving to a skill level that takes you into an academy team, playing U12 and moving to U13,  High School moving on to the college game or pro level.   

What it really should mean is better abilities with the basic skills of the game, more knowledge about tactics, understanding your opponents. Also means you need to take an honest and serious look at your game now. 
Are you willing to work on the things you need to work on? It takes more than just going to a practice once a week, most upper level players spend most of their free time with a ball at their feet! Can you pass and shoot with both feet confidently? will you go in the air for a header? Do you feel that it's your ball regardless of how far you have to go or what you have to do to gain possession?
Are you with the right coach?  Is it more about winning than about learning the game? When a college coach shows up are you involved with the conversation or is it just 1-2 favorite players?  Do you pay the same fee as the rest of the players and just decorate the bench or ignored at practice?
Sounds like you might need to look for a place where everyone that puts in an effort get's equal attention from the coaching staff! You should be more than just a player number and an entry fee, you should be a part of the soccer community just because you are a player! 


by Mark Carlson on 02/28/13

People say "Wow!" your costs are really low, must not have very good coaching or you are running a low quality program. Cost does not make a program higher quality. Good coaching and teaching the basics skills until they become automatic make better players and a solid program! You may have to look and do some home workj before you sign up with a club. Are they only in it for the money to cover their overhead? Staff salaries? Put together a win at any cost team?

How's that working for you? Might be time to look at the new people on the block!


by Mark Carlson on 02/17/13

Maybe for Iowa but no not really! There are several states where soccer exists and thrives with two separate organizations registering players, sanctioning clubs and leagues and existing together for the good of the players and sport. I can't see why that concept is so difficult to grasp since it already quietly exists here. Different players fit into different programs! The access to soccer and the diversity it offers, by natural design, is what attracts people to this sport. Different levels of play, different coaches and different styles are the things that build the soccer community. When we get satisfied with maintaining registration numbers and trying to force people into a single program to boost the number of titles won we then limit not only ourselves, we also limit everyone involved. "For the good of the game" should mean that what ever a player needs to succeed regardless of nationality, skill level,  financial status; not just lip service so everyone will get the impression you are on their side. Will every player be a star? Maybe not on a higher level team or in a professional league some where on the world stage but in the individual players mind they all should feel that they are a very bright shining star that is extremely valued by all!